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Who We Are

We are a family, and we each have families ourselves. We know how important it is for you to keep yours safe and to provide the very best life has to offer. We are men and women with sons and daughters. We know your struggle.

Primary Skills

Our primary skills are remodels, repairs, decks and handyman services. We can remodel or we can build from the ground up, and we do so with pride and integrity; These are the corner stones of our company that we take pride in.

There’s a lot of satisfaction with building anything.  As a kid I would take plywood and cut out gaint snow men paint the boards. Adding lights and a Santa. I rebuild a water bed when I was in the sixth grade.  High school was all about cabinet shop. I’ve always like making things.

I started in construction at 16. Working my way through different positions and stages of the home building. Labor, framer, pick up carpenter, pick up detailer, painting, trim and door install, I’ve spent time doing everything in a house. New home Warranty home management inspector, multi family homes superintendent, custom home builder superintendent, new cabinet technician, lead on detail team for a high rise condo building 32 floors down town Seattle.

Along the way I found myself remodeling my moms house and other projects.  I realized there is a need for more contractors that are honest and reliable.

There for one Christmas eve at a family gathering I asked everyone what should I name the company .  There you have it .

“Honest home improvement” was born.


Chris Schaewe

My Passion for what I do is rendered in my Services



Want a new kitchen? I can do that. Let me help build your dreams.



A solid exterior is the absolute most important part of your home. If it’s leaking, it could cause more issues.



Bathrooms are arguably the most important room in the house. I can build it.



A strong deck can add more than just financial value to your home. It can be used by generations to come!



Whether it’s big or small, no addition is too much for me to handle. Just sit back and relax!



We all know stairs can creak, and sometimes they can creak quite loudly. Let me fix that for you.

Are you convinced? Contact us today!